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Middle Age Spread Diet


Calorie Expenditure Rating (CER)

We are all individuals and our experience of aging, menopause and energy expenditure will differ. Research has found that a calorie intake sufficient for a slightly overweight person is too low for someone who is heavier.

To personalise the programme to suit your individual requirements we have employed a method for assessing your calorie level based on a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) formula, which you will use to establish your Calorie Expenditure Rating (CER) as either A, B or C.

If you are a B or a C you will be allocated, in some food categories, either an extra serving or a slightly larger sized portion then an A will receive. Use the on-line calculator below to find your rating.

Do you want to work in metric (centimetres and kilograms) or imperial (inches and pounds)?