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Success Stories

Success Stories

Over the years there have been many success stories of people losing weight and keeping it off for many years. These are a few success stories from people who are currently losing their weight using the Middle-Age Spread Diet.

Mabs Williams

"I was feeling unwell, went to see my Doctor who recommended I contact Carolyn Gibson to help me to lose weight.

"I had just turned 70 years of age and wanted to be around to see my 6 children, 13 grandchildren and 1 great grand child grow up.

"At my first meeting with Carolyn I weighed in at 105.2 kilos and within one year I had reached my goal of 80.5 kilos. A loss of 24.7 kilos in one year.

"My Doctor is very proud of me and when her patients say they can't lose weight she tells them about my success.

"I really enjoy all the food and recipes. I feel wonderful and I will never go back again to being 'pleasantly plump'."

Watch this space for photos!

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